Ellenbrook LAC Behaviour Policy

Please see below our behaviour policy.

                                                                      ELAC Behaviour Policy
ELAC’s behaviour policy is based on Kingsway Little Athletics Centre (Inc) Rules for Competition.

1. All athletes are expected to be polite to Coaches and Parent Helpers and to show respect to their fellow competitors.

2. People new to Athletics may not always be as good at an event as you. Give your support and encouragement and this will help people to enjoy their time at our club.

3. A Coach or a Parent in a coaching position may suspend an athlete under their control from continuing in a training session should they consider that the athlete’s behaviour is unacceptable or detrimental to the safe and efficient conduct of the training session.

4. Continual misbehaviour throughout a training session or over a period of training days may result in:
1. The Athlete not being able to participate in training unless the Athlete’s parents can provide direct                                   supervision.
2. Suspension from the club for a period determined by the ELAC Committee.
3. The Athlete being asked to leave the club by the ELAC Committee