Centre Championship and Zones Forms

It is that time of the year again when we need to start thinking about Centre Championships and Zones.

Every athlete is eligible for Centre Championships and this form can be found in the back of your Kingsway Green book. Please remove the form and return it to Susan (Club Manager) as soon as possible. Remember you can only nominate for a maximum of 6 events with on more than 4 events on any one day and must have competed in the event at least once. Please be aware that an earlier start time is usual for the Centre Championships. Due to the increased programme it is possible that competition will carry over into the afternoon.

Zone forms are available for collection from the club house during any training session. Please come up and ask for this form. This form is due back to Susan (Club Manager) no later than the 2nd February. Late entries will not be accepted. Please be aware that only one form is given per athlete and lost forms will not be replaced.